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Remember this solid project?
I'm sure you're dying to know the secret back...


I got some of this Grip-Tight utility fabric from JoAnn's. It's lightweight and grips to wood and tile, so if it's on the back of your quilt - it's a rug!

As always with a new material, there was some trial and error. A few things that I found helpful -

Binding backwards - I sewed it onto the back with the machine and then finished on the front. This saved my thumb from pushing through the rubbery nubs and elimiated the need to run the sticky fabric through the machine facing down (see below); I just had to be super neat with the stitching.
Straightline quilting - This was necessary, becuase the fabric literally sticks to the machine while you are sewing. So there is some puling necessary in order to keep going forward and straightlines are easiest.

Finally, I had to adjust my rug size after finding the backing, becuase it only comes in 15" widths. I didn't mind the narrower size - I hope my partner didnt'!

In return, I got this beauty.

solid swap 017

It holds a couple of my baking dishes perfect and will be great for the next potluck! Tatertot hotdish anyone?

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