weeked project

This weekend was the weekend to catch up - on projects around the house and downtime with each other. We did some painting and rearranging and cleaning and general relaxing. We ventured out to the fair and ate some fried things. And on Friday night, I started in on this project - hanging frames on a gallery wall in our dining room.

I started.

And the husband finished. Because when Marie starts to wield a hammer and nails, arranging frames at a whim on a wall, it attracts some attention.

But it got done and I love it sooo much!! My husband is a photographer, so we have lots of pictures around, but nothing really focused, so I've been waiting to make this wall a focal point for a long time. Our main level is really starting to come together!! And some of you asked, so here is a headshot from our summer photo shoot with studioTart. I'll be filling at least one of the frames with this one.


  1. You look so glamorous in this photo...I love your necklaces and relaxed pose. Totally a framer.

  2. I need to come and see your house. ca

  3. That picture is great. Your husband must be very talented The layout looks great too!

  4. yes. you two are lovely. :)
    thanks for sharing the photo.

    and i really like your home.
    it's lovely, too!