a few favorites

 photo by crafterall

I just wanted to share two more of my favorite Christmas presents (the giving kind). These were two etsy finds that I was busting at the seams to share. The first - a beautiful Lake Superior cut-out by crafterall. Marnie does beautiful work with paper and this was a custom bathymetry (pretty much the opposite of topography - in lakes!) I requested for my parents. She is a paper cutting wizard and it turned out so great! The detail is perfect and it is definitely a great gift to give to lake lovers. (Say that a few times fast...)

photo by sypria

And these pretties are felted wool dryer balls from CleanSypria. I purchased them thinking they would be a gift. (For who? I'm not sure - I get a bit gift-crazy during the season). When they came, I realized that I just really wanted them for myself. (Don't you hate that?) I've used them a few times and they really work!!

And so pretty sitting on top of my dryer waiting for me.

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  1. And the lucky recipents of the Lake Superior cut-out will enjoy it for years to come.