preppy jungle

prep 002
*Yes you see grass in this picture - no, we don't have grass in MN...my office has some fake stuff right behind my desk. It's nice to turn around and stick my toes in it.

I started this zig-zag quilt this fall and finished just in time for a xmas present!

Our newest nephew is a rolly-polly 4 month old and as mellow as can be. I hope he likes the preppy look.

When I first started making the zig-zag blocks (half-triangle squares aren't so hard), I intended on incorporating all the Katie Jump Rope, including the argyle. I then had a mini-panic attack with the thought of matching up all the diagonals in the fabric with diagonal cuts for the triangles. So I decided to go simple and just used up all the diagonal as one big piece in the middle.

There was another bit of concern when I realized the straight lines in the blue and green zig-zags would be a bit jig-jaggy, but I just pushed on through that thought and connected them anyway. I think they blend ok...

prep 004

The back is just a piece of Urban Flannel - Friends print. Super simple! And a solid blue binding pulls these two sides together.

prep 006 

You will notice that I've talked about the fabrics that I used, which is unusual for me. I got so many questions about my choices for the potholders, it is now a resolution to be semi-aware of the designers/lines that I'm using in my quilts (and share with you).


  1. This is so cool!!

    I love that you have grass in your office!

  2. Saw this cute quilt again this morning, along with that roly, poly 4 month old, who was all smiles as usual. (He's pretty cute too) Happy New Year! love, sms

  3. Fun quilt! And lucky you to have all that Katie Jump Rope fabric!

  4. 24 below this morning in bji. hope you are having a warm sunny monday.