old school

First quilt top of the new year! A lot of people have been asking about this one - last night I put the blocks from here and here together, so I can finally share the whole concept.

All the blocks were fabulous, but they were all different sizes, colors, shapes, so I was continuously moving some things around throughout the process. The four blocks along the left side were around the same width, so I started by sewing them together with a 2" strip between each and trimming/squaring up as needed. I continued the same way with all the blocks - matching up similar sizes and adding gray as needed.

The arrangement ended up very random and I think that helps to combine the varied sized tetris blocks in a way that works. I will probably add more gray to make it a bit wider...not sure if I want it symmetrical or not...I love the idea of some tetris pieces running into the binding.

The colors match our living room/main floor and are Kona Cottons in Coal, Lagoon, Pond, and Coral. 

So there you have it. My super nerdy, super bright tetris quilt (I heart the 80's)!

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