round and round

My favorite part of the Thanksgiving weekend? I had my parents bring me a record player that had been stored in their basement, so we could see if it still worked. The talk of 'classic vinyl' inspired my uncle to pull out his collection and play dj for the evening. It was the best. We heard all the classics, plus a few more - "Chicken", "Brontosaurus Stomp", and "Roller Derby Queen".

The husband set up ours when we got home and it's been so great to pull out old records and play them. Makes me feel like an 8 year old. If you haven't listened to the classic vinyl in a while - do it today for a sunnymonday!

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  1. You just never know what is in store for you when you come to BJI. Glad there are no words to the brontasauris stomp, having enough with roller derby queen stamped on my brain forever.