deck the halls

I wasn't going to go all christmas crazy at home this early, but I couldn't help myself.

Today was a bit lazy, but since the boxes were already out from beneath the stairs, I figured why not - I'll get the decorating started and do a little bit all week. So I did most of it. All that's left is the outdoors, which is a shame, since it was warm out today. I probably won't get out there until the next cold snap or blizzard and freeze my fingers. I'm also planning on getting a bit of greens for inside and outside, since this is the second year of a tinsel-y tree. I need the smell of evergreens! 

Have I discussed Christmas trees here? I'm a fan of the real thing, and have loudly proclaimed my distaste for fakes. For years, I would bring a tree back from my parents every Thanksgiving in the trunk of my small car. I've purchased trees from the farmer's market and the corner lot. I've never convinced my husband to come with me to cut my own tree, but it is another one of those fake farming day-dreams I have spinning around my head.

Last year, I converted to a fake. The reasons are many, but I think the last year that we had a real tree, it dried out so much that by New Years, there were more needles on the floor than the branches. Plus - carrying a tree in your trunk? It also results in needles - found in July. I do like pine needles, but not a trail of them out the house and to the curb. So I shopped for a non-natural tree and found this skinny beauty. I will go back to real trees someday, but for now I'll keep the sparkles.

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  1. LOVE your tree. We have a hot-pink table tree over here.... Totally want a silver tree when we have enough room for a full sized one!