party tricks

Omygosh - It's December. Which means crazy lines at the post office, corner store, grocery store...parties galore...guests, relatives...shopping...

We all know how crazy it can get this time of year - we all have those lists a mile long.

So I wanted to feature just a few tips, tricks, maybe even gifts to make the little things easier (and hopefully prettier). I've also  tried to think of simple solutions for gift-wrapping, homemade decorations - those pieces of the holidays that sometimes get left out.


The 12 Days of Christmas is not related to the song - there are no geese or lords a leaping here (plus there are 25 days until Christmas by my count). It also isn't limited to Christmas - we are all getting ready for something, whether the holiday is Hanukkah or New Years. It's about celebrating the small things! First tip tomorrow - please enjoy!

Also - I'm sure you have your own simple solutions - I would love to feature your tip! Send it to craftymsp (at) gmail (dot) com.

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