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This week I'm excited to feature Cathy from the blog and etsy shop, A Few Favorites. Cathy is a great artist and makes beautiful hand-painted ceramics custom designed just for you. Whether you need a coffee mug for your favorite grad or wedding favors, Cathy has just the perfect thing. My favorite is this "Be the Change" mug.

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favorite material:
Paint of any kind; if it's a craft/art project that requires a paint brush, I'm happy.  Watercolor is a medium that I've been experimenting with this week.  It's a medium that I've never worked with before - I've always felt intimidated by it for some reason.  However, this week, I decided to try it out - probably because three of my favorite artists that I follow on the internet, are watercolorists.
1.  Gennine paints the most amazing birds, flowers, things from nature.
2.   Kristina Havens paints the most wonderful figures - she's not strictly a watercolorist - her figure drawings are beautiful, too.  But, her watercolors are my favorite!
3.  VHMcKenzie paints the coolest watercolors that are little snapshots into her life, the people around her, etc.  I love her loose use of color.

biggest influence:  
My crafty mom, who was almost always "making something" - of course, Mom was usually "making something" out of necessity.  Mostly, she sewed and made almost all of my clothes and clothes for my two younger sisters.  Even though, we had very little money, she found the money to keep me supplied with little needlepoint kits.  After she passed away, I found ALL of the needlepoint kit projects that I'd made during my early teens in her cedar chest.

have you ever had a crafting disaster
The worst was a ceramic plate that I'd been covering with a glaze that I just dripped onto the edge of the plate and then let the glaze ooze down the center of the plate.  When the glaze comes out of the bottle, it's white with some lumpy crystals in it - when the glaze is "fired" in the kiln it changes to a dark navy blue color. Unfortunately, I failed to realize, until the plate had been fired and was out of the kiln, that the resulting "drip" looked like, well, like a male body part.  It was hysterical. I did NOT put it on my Etsy site.
Editor's note - she is NOT lying. I got a picture of this, but just can't bring myself to show you. Sorry Cathy if you really wanted to show everyone - it really is hilarious :)
favorite shoes:  
Yellow Box flip flops!  My daughter & I buy one (well, maybe two) new pair every summer.  Love them.

how do you stay inspired:  
Reading blogs of creative people, magazine photos, taking my own photos of flowers.  Staying inspired is difficult for me, I definitely think I kind of cycle through periods of intense creativity/inspiration, followed by periods of "blah/nothing"!

what do you daydream about - what are your BIG plans for your art/craft/shop?:  
I want to grow my business into full-time work; I want to learn how to photograph my original paintings so that I can have high-quality prints made of them; and I want to exhibit a collection of my art.
favorite color:  
Through the years, my favorite color has changed, but for at least the last 20 years my favorite color is red - any shade of red!

when you aren't crafting/painting, you can be found... 
You can find me on the internet! Ha!  Running your own on-line business requires a huge amount of time, sitting with my MacBook Pro in my lap!  Reading, research, updates to the shop, editing photos, email, ordering supplies, etc.

You can also follow A Few Favorites on twitter or facebook!

Thank you so much Cathy! It is great to get to know other creative people out there and I feel lucky to feature each and everyone of you I'm always interested to see what others are up to, so let me know if you do something crafty and you would like to be featured!

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