pile up

I don't know what is wrong with me. I've started or jumped back into no less than four projects in the last week...and I attempted to get them all finished before vacation.

I'm a glutton for punishment.

This will be a to-go project for the trip and a picnic blanket after it's complete. (I still need a binding - thinking green?)

I named it circles and x's after a Lucinda Williams song and quilted it to reflect:

The whole quilt is very improvisational. I fussy cut the circles and then pieced around them at random, ripping each piece of fabric instead of cutting, to get me away from the straight edge. So, I tried a new quilting method and kept pushing through, even though the first few blocks were looking ragged. I figure this whole quilt is an experiment, so why not just keep going - I just heard a quote about that somewhere...can't remember...

Random 'pebbling' in each block creates a tight quilt; large x's in the sashing are relaxed and fade away.

This is the back:

So, now we're off! The projects will wait and I have a few posts scheduled while I'm on the road! See you when we get back - have a great holiday weekend!

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