i have a confession

I've established that I'm a collector of things - fabric, buttons, paper...

Now I have something else to confess. I'm a sucker for a deal. So, when my two favorite things are combined...I tend to indulge. This is the result of my recent trip to the wondrous world of the Anderson Fabric Outlet in Blackduck, MN. If you ever find yourself up in the northwoods near Bemidji (go Beavers) I highly recommend you stop into this little shop. You can buy upholstery rements by the POUND.

So, I do.

This recent trip begin with a question from my aunt. "So what have you made since the last time you bought stuff here?" My sister and I both exclaimed "Nothing!" with a bit of guilt, but not really.

That's how Anderson Fabrics is. Just buy it. You don't know what this particular fabric is for, maybe no project in mind yet, but something will come about and you will have the perfect scrap on hand. This time I actually had a project in mind (hopefully coming soon), but there were still a few pieces that jumped out and I had to have them.

The best part of AFO? I'm always giddy with joy after they weigh my finds and announce the price.

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