waiting game

I cleaned off my camera today - pretty much 2011 was still hanging out there, taking up space. And we need some camera space for the little guy. Who is still in his mama. Waiting...


Here is a random baby quilt that I was able to start and finish during a week of waiting. It's got some funny donkeys and lots of crazy chevrons.

I'm calling it shuffle, because it looks like the puzzles that you put together by shuffling those little squares round and round the space. I feel like this is what we've been doing with our house. One square is blank, but in order to get everything to fit, we have to shuffle it all around. My mom is a bit worried about the number of quilts that this kid will have, but only because she is part of the problem. I may be done making more, but we'll see...if he doesn't show up soon, he may get another one.

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  1. He will be warm. one more is coming. ca