some stuff we've been up to

A lot of stuff. Last time I posted, it was February, we had about two months until baby and our house was the same. Now? Two weeks until baby. And our house has been transformed. With the help of some helpers, some ikea, some paint and some hard work; we have moved furniture, finished projects, created storage and are pretty close to a finished baby room. And we switched sides of the bed. But that has nothing to do with our visitors. Or really the baby.

I don't even have to say, remember these, becuase it was just one post ago. (SEriously - where does the time go?)

art and toys

We have art above the changing table! Someday I would like to give you a full tour...hopefully the room will be cleaned out soon and I can share everything. We have put a lot of handmade, personal touches into this room and I'm really excited about the way it's turning out.

I'll just do a mini tour of this area.
  • The changing table is from a friend - was looking for a dresser most of the winter, but got nervous about the lack of time to find something, refinish it and everything. Did I mention we've been busy?
  • Shelf is from Ikea and was installed in our dining room aproximately 10 months ago. My husband made some joke about 'shelf life' as he took it down. He has been quite the sport about all my rearranging.
  • I repurposed a bunch of my embroydery squares and re-covered with fabrics that I've been using in the room and in the quilts. I plan on making another elephant butt and replacing the hippo.
  • The bunny is so very soft and new as a shower gift.
  • The xylophone is mine from when I was a kid and so are the blocks. I'm sure they both have lead paint, so I'll keep them up there for now.
  • The painting I made for my sweety when we first started dating. I love it in this room.
So that is just one corner of the house transformation. I'll share more I promise. Unless I go into labor tonight. I hear it's a possibility.


  1. Well, if you hurry he can have a March birthday with his Mom & Dad!! Room looks great and welcoming for the little man. sms

  2. I have a fealing that the room will never look this neat and clean again. Bring on the chaos!