random friday

good morning!

I've been up for a while. My alarm is scheduled to ring in minutes, but I was tossing and turning, so I decided just to get up.

I've been shopping on pinterest. Dreaming of a new fall wardrobe.

I've been playing with fabric - I'm running out of time for the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild challenge! We are playing along with the Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge. We got the jewel color-way.

But I'm just realizing that we got the wrong color of the fabric that is 2nd from the right...which would explain things a bit. That one is standing out like a sore thumb. The orange one is a bit loud too, but I'm using it as a lining.

I hope my project works. Like always, I'm winging it and have a bit of a "made blocks before I actually had a project" problem. I might have to replace a couple of the fat eighths - not cheating, just revising the plan. I'm even sticking with the one other fabric rule!! I never stick with that rule! I'll show you progress photos once the sun comes up.

I ate left-over pizza with a baked egg on top. Love anything with a baked egg on top. Or a poached egg inside. Last week I ate tomato soup for breakfast, because it had an egg in it. Yum.

It is 68 degrees right now - I think that is the low for the night. The windows are all open. Not a typical October. My wardrobe is confused.

I talked with an old friend (friend for a long time, not friend who has aged) for and hour and 20 minutes last night. It brought me back to 9th grade. So good.

Enjoy your Friday friends.

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