reading rainbow

A string block made for Jess at SewCraftyJess for the Solid Bee Block. I actually got it out before June was over!! The colors were great on this one - she's been sending out string blocks to all her bees and should have enough soon. I was interested in a rainbow, but realized too late that I didn't have enough yellow to start out all the quadrants. So I subbed in some light gray (and stopped using it at the points). I wonder if I'll be able to find mine when they are all put together...

This was the first time I've done a string pieced block - I would love to do a whole quilt in a scrappy rainbow theme, but wonder if I could make enough for a whole quilt. As I learn different techniques, I learn more about what I like in quilting and what makes my skin crawl. I don't really like ironing in between sewing. If I can get away without doing it until the end - that is my kind of quilt. (Really who am I kidding - even if I should iron in-between, I often don't).

Oh yah - the theme song for Reading Rainbow was running through my head the whole time...if it's in your head now - you're welcome!!


  1. Oooh it's a lovely block ... I've just done a mini quilt with 4 of these spiderweb blocks and you know, what? Although I love it I'm not sure I could run to a whole quilt.

    Usually I don't mind ironing when making blocks, but the pressing on this one is a pain, I totally agree. I found it hard to get a rhythm going because of all the stop starting.

    Maybe in the future I'll do one again, but there's so much more I want to make that is so much less time-consuming!

    Your block has made me want to have another go sooner rather than later though!

  2. You did not learn to sew from your grandma or you would think pressing and ripping are fun.