garden heartbreak

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I knew it was going to happen.

Watering my garden for the last time before leaving on a long weekend, I looked at my single peony bud and determined that it would bloom while I was away. I heart peonies and their floppy, moppy heads. I've been waiting patiently for three years to see a bud on my peony plant. This year there was ONE bud. Stretching for the sun - the only shoot that grew long enough to get warm enough this spring. And I missed it.

It was open when I checked on Tuesday morning after arriving home. I should have grabbed it then, taken a picture and put it in a bud vase. But I had to run and by the time I got home, the rain had done it's damage.

I think I need to move the plant and stay in town for the month of June next year. Hopefully I'll get another one.

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  1. Mine were really late this year too. This fall I plan to split some of them, so get your spot ready for transplanting!!! sms