city patterns

Last weekend the husband and I jetted off to NYC for the weekend (I know - aren't we glamorous). It was a quick trip to visit friends, take pictures of friends and see some of the city. I had been there for less than a day earlier this year for work, but really we haven't been in four years.

Last time, it was a whirlwind tourist trip and a surprise engagement trip (for me...B planned one heck of a surprise). This time is was more laid back and my feet didn't hurt nearly as much.

I spent a lot of time looking at patterns - inspiration for new quilts.

I'm in love with the highline - new park built on old elevated rail lines. Beautiful detailing for the architecture nerds in the group. Lush green surroundings and fun public space for all. And I'm totally going to make a quilt inspired by the rails.


These two were at the Cloisters. Another lush garden place, but also really old buildings and roads. I love those three curves coming together and the fence above. Thinking about quilting patterns and blocks!

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