It's spring! And to celebrate, I did a bit of cleaning this weekend. Enough that I was able to uncover my sewing space and knock out some unfinished projects that have been patiently waiting for me.

Above is my modern/abstract take on the April Solid Bee request - butterflies. I didn't really want to applique - it's not my strong point. So I just started piecing triangle-ish pieces together and kept going until I had something resembling a butterfly wing. A black body pulls the two different sides together and left-over blue sky defines the 'wings'.

It's not April anymore, but that isn't surprising the way my life has been crazy lately. I'm going to try and be here and in my studio more than I have been in the last few months. I miss both so much! I have a springy purse in my head to get working on and a pile of unfinished quilts to attend to.

If you are still checking in to this quiet blog - thanks for staying...I can't wait to stop by more often.

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