bright lights

Well hello there.

I've just returned back from a lovely trip into the desert. Where the neon glows and the money flows. That's right - I'm talking Vegas. It was a wonderful escape at just the right time to a place that specializes in escape. I am back and feel inspired. Here are just a few images from our trip...

I feel like we did it all - including hanging by the pool, historical tours, window shopping (also known as drooling at the Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta entrances) (and yes - that is a window full of antique sewing machines *swoon), night life, and the most fun game in the casino - the pony races!! We spent the better part of a night by this table - cheering our mechanized horses to victory. There were characters and nick-names, and by the end of the evening we were tight with our new friends.

Thanks to my parents, who let us share their swanky timeshare. Thanks to my sister for the forced relaxation. Thanks to the captain, who kept us in the game.

And thanks to my husband, for being an adventurer.

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