tool time

I wanted to share a few tools that I've just recently been using for my projects. I'm sure many of you out there use these - I'm certainly not inventing anything here, but need to share, just because they may truly change the way I do things.

The first one is a simple thimble. I grabbed this from my mom, when I was visiting a couple weeks ago. I'm developing a 'hole' in my middle finger from hand stitching binding and embroidery, so I thought I should try it. Still not sold - it was pretty awkward at first, but by the third or fourth binding on some potholders recently, I was hooked.

I mentioned a button hole with this project. I am guilty of not fully utilizing my sewing machine to it's full capacity and this was one trick that I wish I had known earlier. This little gadget attachment does everything but sew on the button! You pick out your button, put it in the slider and sew away. The gauge on the slider determines the size of the hole, so when you cut it open, there is a perfect fit!

Finally - for my recent baby quilt, I wanted to do some very specific quilting. I used a water erase pen to draw the design loosely on the quilt and sewed over the lines. Then, with the magic of plain water, the blue pen disappears and all that is left is your quilted design. Magic!

So those are my three new accessories. I can't wait to use them on more projects.

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