Happy Monday everyone!

We had a chance to hit the slopes this weekend. I grew up skiing and practically lived at the hill through high school, but we don't really have access to 'good' skiing here in the city (call me a snob...it's ok). I was getting kind of antsy to get outside, so we jaunted over to a local hill for the day.

We made the most of the tiny hill - skiing through the woods and playing in the terrain park (I got tricky skis last year, so I should be able to do some trickies...right?) (oh - also - they're pink and sparkley!).

Seriously - I haven't had that much fun goofing off on skis for so long! And I totally shredded the bumpy tube for a whole second!

sunnymonday is dedicated to chairlifts and shorty sticks. I hope it was a good one!

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  1. Scarlett put the outdoor wheels on her skates and shredded the neighborhood. It's not derby, but is a great workout.