glamor shots

Oh my goodness...I'm sorry to have fallen right off the face of the planet. It's bitter cold here in MN and I've been sort of hibernating since getting back from NYC, which means...no photos. I haven't been idle and will have some projects to share soon...

But first, I have a photo shoot that got lost in the memory card for a while. When my sister was in town, she was at our favorite Salon Stella and I asked them if I could take some photos of my eye pillows (since I had a model in town) at the salon. They said come on over!

When I got there, the place was empty - just KP, our awesome stylist and me. As soon as the hair was finished, a whole bunch of people showed up.

(Side note: It really is the best place - I'm hesitant to tell you who our hair stylist is, since she is so awesome...ladies, have you ever felt this way? You don't want them to get too busy, because you still need to make appointments? This woman has changed the shape of my hair. Seriously - if you need a hair genie in Minneapolis, shoot me a note - I'll share our secret).

Anyway...these pictures were kind of rushed since I felt like I was in the way, but it was fun to take them and always fun to be in this space.

This shot is less about the eye pillow and more about the mirrors above. And my sis's great jaw line. Love you sister!

Silky eye pillows are available now at the salon (NE Minneapolis) and will soon be available in the shop.

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