spin the globe

Is it too late to share a favorite xmas present? My sister-in-law tracked down this 1940ish globe for me after scouring many an e-bay auction. I just love it!

There have been quite a few posts about globes out here in blog land. I don't think I'll ever amass great quantities of globes to fall in the collector category, but ever since I spied this chalkboard globe project over at Design*Sponge, I've been on the hunt.

So when it came to christmas listing time, I threw 'old globe' on my list, figuring some thrift/junk shop out on the plains might have one and my in-laws just may want to buy it for me. (A side note - this gift and another from a pawn shop this year has inspired some discussion of a pawn-shop Christmas next year. No store bought items, just ones that have been found/bartered/bidded...sounds like fun to me!)

This one will never get painted with chalkboard paint, so I may need to extend my collection one day, but I just love it's details. The globe actually sits in a groove int he base, so it comes apart. And there is a little shelf in the back for keeping papers.

And just look at that time-zone doo-dad on the top. Love. (That is the technical name I believe...)

As construction looms near at our house (more about that later),  I'm dreaming of spinning the globe and taking off to exotic locals.  Maybe Greenland?

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