I used to be a book worm.

I would wander around my childhood home reading, engulfed in a book so much that I couldn't bear to put it down.

Every so often, there are glimpses of that former self where chores go undone, projects untouched and family gatherings unsocial because of a good book (ehem...Harry Potter). (Ok - that one vampire series too).

A present to myself this new year was a kindle and I can sense the bookworm re-emerging. So of course I had to make a sleeve for it, since I'm going to carry it everywhere from now on.

I've had this Echino Woodland Damask in my stash for at least a year (it was a bit of an ordering mix up once upon a time) and I knew I wanted to make something for me with it, but it didn't feel like a quilt. Does fabric speak to you? Tell you what it wants to be? Oh...just me then...

So this project was perfect for the almost canvas weight, irreverent damask pattern.

I lined it with a bit of the Amy Butler Floating Buds that I won last week and did a light quilting pattern to emphasize the animals.

I also figured out the button hole foot on my machine. So many possibilities!

A note on the kindle* - I love it. I was skeptical, since I do love the smell of books, but it is so comfortable. And I'm always excited to turn it off and find a new picture on the 'cover'.

What am I reading now? The Art of Racing in the Rain. I think the bookworm is back.

*I definitely wasn't paid by Amazon to say this - I'm sure other readers are great and I could make you a sleeve to fit yours too.


  1. Marie-
    May I order a kindle holder from you? I <3 my kindle so much. Although, I feel guilty when I drive by the library next door...like I am cheating on it with my kindle.

  2. I absolutely love this fabric. I don't have something to put in the holder, but I want it all the same. :)