Welcome back readers and welcome back winter!

After a slighting harrowing trip over the river and through the woods yesterday, I started searching for beautiful winter shots to remind me how much I love this season.

Oh yes. Even though the roads can be skating rinks and snow can be a travel nightmare, I still love you winter - just look at those frosty trees and dream about peppermint hot cocoa...

The snow is here and more is coming this week!! I am planning bunches of home-body activities (including blogging) this week to celebrate. I've been catching up and working on some wish lists, crafty projects and holiday fun. And I'm back to share with you.

Have a sunnymonday friends. It's good to see you again.

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  1. Not sure I want to hear the details of your road trip. Glad you are having a sunny monday. I made a scarf this morning! You are my inspiration. ca