I've been thinking about thread a lot lately. What kind do you use?

I'm trying to stock up wisely - have basics on hand (for quilting I like to use white or gray), but I also want a bit of pizazz available too. So the other day when I noticed the thread at JoAnn's was buy one get one free, I grabbed a handful o' pretty colors. I don't know if these 'match' anything. But I love the colors. So I'll probably find fabrics in my stash that go...

I think this is just the beginning of a habit...should I sign up for a program?


  1. I have friends that come over to borrow thread. Like "do you have any brown thread" Of course I have brown thread. Until I want brown thread and then wonder what happened to it.
    Dont worry about the habit, you cant help yourself. ca

  2. I use an assorted rainbow of thread colours. I match threads to specific projects, but also use a contrasting colour once in a while. I use a mix of Guterman and Metrosene by Mettler. The Mettler thread is carried by the "mercantile-type" store in my small town, and I stock up on Guterman when I hit the "big city".
    Welcome to the eye candy thread club!

  3. The colors are great! I like using contrasting colors to show up on the back of a quilt, especially with a neutral patterned back; I like finding a multicolor thread for the top - gives variety!