bee square

It's been a busy week. A strange one too. The husband was out farming all last week, so I had a house to myself to bump around in. I spread out some projects and got to work on lots of things! I started a new baby boy quilt with some Katie Jump Rope fabric that I found in South Dakota - I know it's out of print, but it keeps popping up in some random places - so I keep buying a few yards. I am working on a new bag prototype and quite please with the results so far. And finally, November is my month for the quilting bee, so I got to work cutting and dividing fabric.

The theme for this quilt is old-school tetris, which just popped into my head one day while brainstorming ideas. I thought it would be really great to get different perspectives and takes on the different shapes - making it the perfect bee quilt.

This is my sample block with a few of the pieces. I'm sending out gray, blues and greens and a bit of red to coordinate with our living room. Can't wait to see the end result!!

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