outfit check

One of my simple goals was to put myself together each morning with real outfits. How am I doing? Well, now that the cool weather has kicked in, I'm doing great. I was trying with my summery clothes, but it seams so much easier with fall clothes. Must be the layering. And the boots. And the scarves.

Today I pulled together four things I wouldn't normally put together, but today, they totally worked.
Army green , gray, gold and rhinestones?

I don't have a pic of the whole outfit, but I did take this one of the scarf and button detail on the army green sweater.

Yesterday was a good outfit too. I heart fall.


  1. I love your glasses! I have a pair that is a similar shape, but brown on front, blue on sides and inside the frames. It's a fun shape, and I like your colour, it goes very well with your scarf. I'm looking forward to adding more scarves to my fall wardrobe as well!

  2. Thanks! I seem to always wear that color. Aren't scarves GREAT?!

  3. Hi there~I'm a fellow Indie student hopping around checking out new blogs. I'm a new follower ~ visit me back if you like! Love the scarves & definitely HEART fall! Have a great creative day!