beginning and end

Hey! Check out this new baby quilt! I'm in love with the fabrics and had plans to make a quilt for me, but the block pattern seemed to work best as a baby size (plus - I just started last weekend, so finishing the top so quick fulfilled my need to create). So now - quilt for the next hip friends to have a baby girl. I'm calling it mod-block and I'm working out a very mid-century pattern for the quilting. I love the pattern so much that I think I'll make a matching one for a baby boy.

In other news:

I finished the circles quilt binding last weekend too. Picked a green dot that contrasts nicely with the navy borders. Now it's at my office as an air conditioning blanket - perfect small size for my lap.

Now I'm off to the airport to drop off my sister and do some shopping (at the mall, not the airport). Have a great Friday!

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