new favorite

I showed you a pair of my favorite shoes earlier in the year. I think we were still clenched in the grip of winter/slushy spring/ohmygodwhendoesitend at the time, so my Frye boots were perfect for all occasions.

Now it's summer/dog days/meltingonthesidewalkhot, so these are my new favorites:

They were part of the summer wardrobe update 2010 and I am oh so glad I purchased them. For $30. They go with everything! Skirts, skinny jeans, brown, grey...they are my summer go to shoe. They have a bit of a wedge and are just perfect. I apologize for the cigarette butts and old toenail polish.


  1. Those are really pretty :)

  2. Scarlett thinks they would look good with black fishnet stockings....... derby love