a fashion statement

Last summer I started a skirt.

Last Friday I finished it.

A little background:
I've been working hard on my summer wardrobe this year - it has just been a mess of ill-fitting, worn out, faded blech. I don't really like summer clothes. I love sweaters. I love jackets. And I LOVE boots. Fall is definitely more my style.

Summer has always just been the fashion to endure - "fine, I'll get pastel t-shirts, even though they wash me out"; "I suppose these strappy sandals are ok"; and my favorite, "the store only had one pair of shorts (by the time I realize it's 90 degrees outside) - I guess they fit".

This year I took a serious look at the too small, too trendy stuff that I had stashed away and donated all of it.

And then I took a shopping trip and discovered - I LOVE summer clothes. I LOVE skirts!

Remembering that I had an UFO in my basement that would fit perfectly with my new summer style, I jumped at the chance to finish it. The hard stuff was done - there was a zipper installed, it just needed some touching-up and hemming. 

The fabric is vintage from my grandma and the pattern is from an old skirt that I loved. I ripped it apart and taught myself garment sewing (not necessarily advised). The colors are tricky (I need to find a very neutral top to go along with this one, or you will be able to see me from space), but I love it so much!

After finishing one skirt, I couldn't stop.

A different style - one that I saw all over the stores. Large elastic band with a ruffled skirt. So easy!

So there you have it - a former summer fashion hater turned lover, with just a few skirts (and the RIGHT strappy sandals).


  1. Total cuteness, Marie! J. Crew has these types of skirts going for like at least $88 a pop. I feel like you should make me some things. ;)

  2. The skirts are ADORABLE! So great to meet you at the Etsy meet up.