geography fail

So - I can't believe I'm about to share this with you. But I'm a believer in full disclosure, and just bought a mug with a quote about excelling at foolish acts, so I need to share this with you.

While in the Black Hills we started playing the license plate game on a drive through Custer State Park. (Which is a beautiful drive - when you aren't cross-eyed looking at license plates) (no really - you should go - there are buffalo and hairpin turns). B had mentioned he played back when he was a kid and had a 'bingo' sheet with all the states. We didn't plan ahead, so I wanted to make sure to write all the states down, so we would remember at the end of the day. Which turned into sitting at the campfire that night and drawing out a United States map from memory. Obviously not a good memory:

All I have to say is 'I'm sorry'. A big apology to California and Nevada, Nebraska, Michigan, Kansas and Arkansas (I forgot you both in the initial round and had to squeeze you in), and the entire eastern quarter of the country.

I also have to legally mention that my husband was not involved in the drawing in any way. He may have found my missing states and helped with borders, but did not participate in the execution.

The good news, after checking the internet for a few missed plates - I think we got all but four. Main, Delaware, West Virginia, and Rhode Island. Hawaii was a great find as we were enjoying cocktails at an outdoor patio - I had to say thank you to that couple. They made our day.

One last note - if anyone can tell me which license plate has a pink branchy-looking thing on it, you will make my day.


  1. try south carolina ca

  2. by far my favorite post ever! i don't even want to know what a map drawn by myself would look like, even though i pride myself in still knowing all states, there abbreviations, and capitals.