friday list

So many things on my list!
  • working on the blog layout - I haven't really had a chance to format, since the first reorganize. Step 1 is started - redoing the header. Don't worry - It was buggin' me too! I'm not sure it's quite there yet, but at least it fills the whole width and the concept is started. Consider it a work in progress.
  • water plants - poor tomato, basil and petunia. I leave you in the care of a competent neighbor while on vacation, only to let you wilt upon my return.
  • clean! - we're having 18 of my relatives over for brunch on Sunday. EEp!
  • running - before it gets too hot.
  • projects -  I have a few custom projects cooking and a new bag in production.
  • dinner with friends - can't beat that!
I hope you have a wonderful Friday! The weekend is almost here!

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