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So last week I was featured over at one artsy mama. This week, I get to feature Eleise who is one artsy mama! She has a great blog here, which I frequent for shoe envy and lovely images; and an adorable shop full of custom onesies. (Her tag line is "styling babies one onesie at a time" - how cute is that?).
And did I mention the girl loves {brackets}?
Click over to read more about Eleise and one artsy mama.

-favorite material/technique
*Fabric with fun prints. I love to create fabulous things with them.

-biggest influence
*my biggest influence is Elsie [from a beautiful mess] she has amazing style and success and is not afraid to be herself!

-have you ever had a crafting disaster?
*All the time =) I'm a klutz and the most recent disaster would have to be just the other day I was using glitter & dropped in all over my counter and floor. I'm still finding glitter everywhere =/

-favorite shoes
*My pink snake skin heels

-how do you stay inspired?
*My everyday job is super boring so I stay inspired by wanting to be able to make enough money for me to quit my job but still bring in an income. Plus, my shop gives me the creative outlet that I need in my life.

-what do you daydream about - what are your BIG plans for your art/craft/shop?
*I have BIG dreams for my shop. First off, I am currently working on a website which I am over the moon excited for! =) My site includes a wide range of fun, adorable onesie along with toddler tees and I will eventually love to keep adding more and more lovely baby items.

-favorite color
*Hands down PINK! I would own everything in pink if my hubby would allow it! =)

-when you aren't crafting/painting, you can be found...
*Outside playing tennis or under a shady tree reading a good book or taking a walk with my hubby

Thank you so much Eleise! It is great to get to know other creative people out there and I feel lucky to have met so many through Indie Biz. I'm always interested to see what others are up to, so let me know if you do something crafty and you would like to be featured!

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  1. OOO Thanks so much! This was sooo much fun! =)