base camp

Hello my friends. Do you miss me? I miss you!

Today is another sunnymonday (and I'm not lying - no rain forcasted for FIVE DAYS!!) This is quite an achievement after the stormy, gloomy, WET month that we have just had here in Minnesota.

So - I mentioned we are off on another vacation soon - this time to the great state of South Dakota to see big heads, badlands and probably a buffalo or two. We start our excursion next weekend, so in the meantime, I've been sorting through the camping bin, making sure we have sleeping bags and whatnot.

Let's go camping!

all images from weheartit

Now I'm thinking about smores. Have a great Monday! Before I leave I have a lot to share - have been pretty lazy getting pictures up lately, but now that the sun is shining, I have no excuse!

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