And the winners are...

coffee clutch and scraps:
Stellato_escuro - I would use the scraps for the ticker tape quilt I am making my daughter. The more scraps, the better!
I would love to see your ticker tape and so glad I can contribute to the scraps. Hopefully you like coffee too, but if not - give the clutch to someone who does!

yoga bag:
Carolina (my pal from indie biz!!) - That bag is so pretty! I love when the instructors do that to my feet. Or when they pull the back of my neck. My fav pose is a tie between tree and plow. Deer pose a relaxing stretch though :) 
I'm so glad you like the shaking feet thing too (and others) - it means I'm not weird (well, all relative right?).

Congratulations winners and thank you so much for visiting my blog and etsy site! I hope you all stick around, because some of the comments really made me giggle. Thank you!!

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  1. Whoa really?! Awesome! I'm so excited :D Thank you!!!

    I'll keep coming back :) I'm just incredibly slow and behind on reading blogs the last few weeks, hehe.