this is me - part I

Ok - here's the part I warned you about this week...a little insight into me, craftyMSP. I've been looking for craftyothers to feature here and coming up with questions for 'interviews'. I should probably answer the same questions - right? So here are a few answers into the world of me.

 -favorite material/technique
I just love fabric. It's a genetic disorder that I'm not looking for a cure for. Fabric colors and patterns catch my eye and I just have to match them up with other patterns and colors. I have ideas swirling around all the time about how to combine the fabrics and make new stuff.

-biggest influence
I have many, but one great one is my grandma. She taught my mom and aunt to sew and they taught me. I have her button collection, so pretty much every time I make a bobble with one or pour them out to get inspiration, I think of her. She is still quilting. She also has a kick-ass garden. (ca - don't tell her I swore about her garden).

-favorite shoes
These are pretty great. They have changed my personal style forever and I love them so much.

-what do you daydream about - what are your BIG plans for your art/craft/shop?
I've got lots of big plans, most are a long ways off. One of them just happened - the update to my shop this week!
So that's a bit about me. More to come, but I am Minnesotan and we don't like to talk about ourselves for too long. Tell me more about you! If you have a shop or blog that you would like featured, just email me at craftymsp (at) gmail (dot) com.

You have approximately 13 hours to sign up for either the yoga bag or the scraps and coffee clutch - it's madness around here. I am loving your comments - thank you, thank you!

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