Did you know March is craft month? I didn't either until Jo Ann Fabrics told me so..

So n the spirit of craft and playing with crafts that are not my specialty, I give you this.

After my grandma passed away, the family got together to sort stuff. That wonderful, terrible job of rummaging through a loved ones life and determining what thing you will remember them most by. She was the queen of collecting costume jewelry. My eight year old cousin got the joy of sorting through 50 boxes of QVC bobbles, while her mother kept her on track with picking out the ONE that she loved the most.

There was a rhinestone bracelet amongst these many possessions that had a broken clasp, but I saved it from auction anyway (again - shiny). It's been sitting around for almost 5 years now, and finally I was inspired to start fixing old, damaged, discarded jewelry. So this was my first attempt at re-purposing. I took off the clasp and fastened the shiny bits to a gross-grain ribbon. I then attached a snap and voila! A new bracelet!

I even put a butterfly on it. Still working on the piece, since on Thursday when I wore it, I felt a bit like I was at an outdoor concert festival the day before and forgot to rip of the plastic bracelet that let me into the beer garden. Happy crafting!

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