My lovely friend Laura is having a baby in March - a pisces, not a ram, but YAY for March birthdays..

She's a modern girl who will certainly have a modern baby, so I had to make a "twitter" quilt for the occation. I bought cutie bird fabric with lots of colors and dug out some scraps and some new finds. (Does anyone else go to make a "scrap quilt" and have to fill in the scraps? I don't have a lot of blue - plenty of pink, but had to get some blues that I really am fond of.)

So I made nine squares, but there was more fabric, so I just kept making. Framing birds with scraps. So I have extra blocks, soon for sale as wall art in my etsy shop. The original nine (not pictured above) will be framed with white, to really make them pop and hopefully finished soon. Can't wait to meet the lil' squirt.

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