hump-day buffet

We need a fresh coating of snow here in the mid-north. (why is it called the mid-west?...mid-mid?) Anyway. I'm feeling like a sparkley dusting would do a lot of good. Everyone is really excited about the melt-down, but I'm still sliding on the sidewalks once the melted freezes AND things are looking really dirty.

So here is a mid-week countdown to brighten things up.

I got some mitten clips during our yankee swap christmas. Vowing to use them straight-away, since no less than three sales people have handed me my dropped mittens in the last week. Ask my mom - I loose things...especially mittens.

I made a hat! Photos to come...

If you need an escape and have a bunch of time, read this:  Pioneer Woman
I got sucked in this weekend. A love story, horses AND funny lady - my kind of reading. (I've mentioned my farming fantasies somewhere, but I can't seem to find them...this plays right into that corner)

I'm doing some organizing and decorating (you know, the project I started last year?). Right now I'm working on the kitchen. Better Homes and Gardens have some great ideas. I'm a huge fan of organization tools and systems...in theory.

FINALLY - congratulations to CA! You've won the after-xmas-nevertoolate-drawing! I will wait to send, since I don't thing you need a xmas runner in Florida. Let me know if you do.

We're over the hump people - hope you have a good rest of the week!

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  1. yaaa, thanks so much. I can hardly wait to see it, (some day) I knit slippers, Both of them!