hey buddy

This little guy is new to craftyMSP. I think he needs some friends...

I made him during a crafty chatty night. My local fabric shop hosts one twice a month and I went to check it out. Everyone was knitting or crocheting socks! Socks are a mystery to me for many reasons - the least of which, because I don't know how to follow a pattern. Also - these socks were tiny and complicated..
But even though the socks look scary, it was very fun to see other projects and talk with people about their crafts. I think I'll go again and make some friends for my owl buddy.

(Little did I know, but the woman sitting next to me was concerned for a bit about my craft selection. Luckily, I finished embroidering before we all left. About mid-way through, she looked down at my stitching and exclaimed, "Oh! It's an owl!". Apparently the owl's eyes resembled something else, and she was sure I was stitching a naked woman. Nope. Just Owls. I make a good impression.)

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