color blocking

I work at an architecture firm during the day. My most favorite part of designing is the materials that we use on the inside and out. I swoon over wall vinyl and glue-laminated lumber equally and can't help but touch stone samples in front of me.

These samples pile up in our office and threaten to take over, so we have to edit and toss every so often. But I can't ever let them go. So, I bring them home for "projects". Usually they sit in the sweat shop for a bit and then I have to purge...but at least I try.

This time I made something!

Samples of colorful acrylic that you can use in place of glass indoors, make into walls, really all kinds of fun stuff. Now they are glued together creating a color block stripe for any shelf or wall in the house. I can change them out for the season or my mood.

I heart colors.

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