part two

Ok - second question: where do you get fabric? I've never been a label snob and I guess I'm not with fabric either - I buy remnents, sales, scraps, modern, traditional...its a pretty eclectic mix in there. I've already waxed poetic about Anderson Fabrics, so I'll stick with the quilting fabric.

Locally, I usually start at Mill End Textiles. They have a pretty good selection of pretty good fabric. Some have started setting up "quality" tables, where you can find some bargans on the good stuff. The selection ranges, but I find there are lots of small prints, which is nice for filler.

For my big prints, or my go-to modern fabrics, I either go here or here.

Glad Creations is where I took my first quilting class. It's small, but they pack a lot in. Batiks, brights, kids - it all can be found here.

Crafty Planet is the place in Minneapolis for modern craft worshipers. Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt are in high demand and well stocked here. They also have other craft supplies - knitting, embroidery, crewl...

If you do not live in the Twin Cities, or you don't go outside, there are TONS of online fabric stores. I just ordered from Pink Chalk Fabrics and they were quick and excellent in the service department.

Finally, I just stop into quilting/fabric shops around the state and when I travel. Sometimes you hit gold - earlier this summer, I found a bunch of out-of-print, popular fabrics at Liebe Drug in Milbank, SD. You just never know what you will find.

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