the light at the end of the tunnel

I see it. I know I've been neglecting all blogs as of late, but I think I really do see it (the light that is). Or, maybe I'm just telling myself that to ease the burden of work and committee projects. This weekend is the big push for work (we've been working on a getting ready for a professional convention - its finally here), committee (I'm presenting at the American Planners Association National Convention - it sounds important...I'm a bit nervous), and, oh yeah - my sister is moving. So, hopefully after all that crazy, life may be back to normal.

When it is, I have lots to do. April has been declared Spring to Finish in some quilting circles here in blogland. I didn't join in the fun, since I knew there was no hope to finish anything, but I'm going to stretch the idea into May. So, first step - make a list.

1. Squares for group quilt - my mom, aunt and grandma are working on one together
2. Circles+Squares quilt
3. 3+ more baby quilts
4. use Anderson Fabric
Ok - so this list is actually turning into a not-even-started-list. Really, the point is, I'm itching to get crafting again. AND - since I have followers and commenters, I want to show you all something crafty!


  1. Thanks for sharing these other sites, fun to see what other people are doing.
    I too am striving to finish a wall hanging that is going to the cabin---soon.

  2. Thanks for sharing those sites. It's fun to see what other people are doing.