collector of collections

Lets start at the beginning. I'm a collector. I'm also a project starter. Sometimes I finish those projects...

I collect buttons, fabric, scraps of fabric, scraps of paper, yarn. My husband has graciously let me turn a corner of our guest bedroom into my collection and production "studio". (I didn't actually ask, but he hasn't put up too much fuss).

I make quilts, wall hangings, scarves and mittens, pillows... I rarely use a pattern (except for the mittens - those are time tested) and love to mix colors, patterns and textures together. Right now I'm working on creating a baby quilt inventory (so all my friends' babies can stay warm), decorating our house and venturing onto etsy to sell some goodies.

This is where I'll share my projects and inspiration. I hope you like it.

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  1. I can't wait to see your collections!
    Great idea. ca