pillow parade

Well whataya know - I spent the whole day making stuff and it felt so good. It all started with this little guy.

prego back pillow

I need a pillow at work for my aching pregnant back, and I thought a little color wouldn't hurt things. Then I was going to move onto nursery projects, but decided that pillows were going to be the thing to make today. I have been itching to change out the ones on our couch for awhile. they were made hastily and without design - just used a single fabric and free-motioned around (and just might have been the worse free-motion ever).

A while ago I made this quilt top - just needing to make something and using up stash. And it turned into a little bit that I really loved, with a whole lot that was just eh. So today, I started ripping it apart. I decided that the nine patch postage stamps needed to be displayed and would make a great pillow. So I pulled out a 7x7 section and instant pillow top!

postage stamp pillow

Then I had to update the other pillow - this one took a bit of time, but I'm so glad I did it. Inspired by the many plus-sign quilts out there, (specifically this one), I decided to take the same fabrics, add a punch of red, and rearrange them to make plus-signs.

plus sign pillow

On both pillows I reused a lot of things - used the old pillow top as a backing (added more batting to bulk it up), and the old pillow back and more of the quilt top to make an envelope back. I'm not going to show you the back, because today was also about too small. My backs didn't close all the way (probably because I was reusing), so there is a bit of velcro holding things together.

I love the results.
And love that I made some things.
And that I was able to take pictures. (For such a warm winter, it's still been pretty gray around here).

I still need to make some baby stuff, but think the rest of the house projects should get done too. Baby won't care if it's not ready right away...right?

I've got a few more things to show you this week. Maybe this is the beginning of nesting?

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