piano man

This summer pianos have been placed around the city of St. Paul. This is the prettiest one I've seen and I have an urge to sit down and play it some day soon. I wish I could remember some music and hope that some day I'll be abe to have a piano at my house and take lessons again. 

I would not say no to this one.


  1. They leave the pianos outside? Don't they sound horrible in an hour? Humidity and pianos just don't work together.

    That is a neat looking upright, though. It'd be a simple diy, too! Those two panels are easily removable on most uprights. Cut holes and paint..replace panels. Plus it would sound considerably better afterward. I always leave uprights open when I play.

  2. I had grandmas piano that looked just like that, but I painted it orange, put tacks on the hammers so it sounded honky tonk. Too bad I gave it away to someone that would take it out of the basement. ca

  3. this is so pretty!
    i would love to play it, too. :)
    my parents gave us a piano as a house-warming gift, and i've been playing and playing and i've got a couple things memorized now, so i can play anywhere, anytime. (did you ever play the Spinning Song? that's one i re-learned - it always pleases.)