gray matter

fabrics: michael miller dandelion, michael miller bicycles, kona medium gray, kona ash, more bicycles

It's been a weekend with gray.

I've been struggling a bit these days. I probably won't go into it here too much, because I like to keep this space sunny. Like my last quilt. And because life keeps spinning around.

So here's to gray and it's transformational power. Even though the sky outside is dark with gray clouds, the color is my sunshine this weekend. I finished a gray quilt, put a gray coat of paint over some of the last dingy yellow walls in our house, and bought a whole pile of gray fabric (with bicicletas!).


  1. LOVE these fabrics and your sunshine piece. You are so talented, Marie. Keep your chin up—sending you happy thoughts.

  2. You will be humming the song...."I rode my bicycle past your window last night.....Ive got a brand new pair of roller skates......"