watching the paint dry

*Warning - what follows is a long rambling story about paint. drying. Scroll down for quilt eye candy - I totally understand*

It was all going so well. On Monday, I primed all of the rooms that would be painted.

Tuesday, I purchased my first gallon of paint for the extra bedroom. I painted the laundry room with some extra paint that we've acquired from other projects, mixing two shades of green to make a pretty emerald background for white cabinets. I then painted the first coat of blue in the extra bedroom and (almost) ran out of paint.

So back to the Orange Box to pick up some more...

Wednesday I spent most of the day away from the house, but came back and finished up the second coat of blue using he rest of the first gallon and cracking into the second for the ladder work and the closet.

One room left.

Until the husband looked at the blue last night before bed (in the dark) and asked "did you see this paint line?"

Nope. Didn't notice that there was a jaggy line around the whole room (at about 7' - my top roller reach) where the paints were different. Checked the paint - sure enough. Different. Slightly different blues.

So, back to the Box to get more paint, this time checking the colors. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the painting. Of the walls. Next week I'll start on the trim...

(wow - this has gotten long, and I'm sorry I started out wanting to talk about projects...guess that's what happens when I don't post regularly.)

In the mean time...

Yesterday I didn't paint - I pulled my sewing machine out from it's hole (stuck between the contents of our house) and sewed away all day long. I was in my pjs at noon. I started two projects and got another basted together. Secret project above started.

Some pretty half triangle squares in lemony yellow waiting to be pinwheeled.

And the front/back finished on the tetris quilt. I had to order more Kona Coal and the second time around, it was darker (I feel like there's a theme...), but I used it on the back and designed it into two borders on the front.

So - I'm going to keep working on these and more projects between the painting and the moving furniture around. And I'll give you more pics very soon.


  1. love your quilts!!!!!

    and i totally get you on the different colored paints that are supposed to be the same color from the orange box store . . . we had that happen more than once when we were working on our house this summer . . .

  2. I LOVE the first photo fabrics and the second photo fabrics/color. The Tetris quilt is awesome! We painted Space Invaders on our bathroom walls--I feel like it's in the same decorating vein. :)