Things I [re]learned on my birthday weekend:

1. Sometimes you need to just let go. I almost turned down a last-minute trip out-of-town, because I felt like I would have more fun if it was planned. I was wrong. On Friday, we took of for a mystery location and I very much enjoyed myself playing poker and shopping for pottery.

2. Stella Artois beer tastes like a very complex mixture of moss, hippies and linoleum. I had a sampler at a towney bar and it was very informative.

3. The power of a small-town community's love is unbelievable. The power of facebook to remind us (many who have been away for a time) of this love is also pretty neat.

4. Mint frosting is amazing.

5. I love a few patterns from the Red Wing dinnerware line from 1964. I bought a bowl to start the collection. Always thought I was a porcelain person, but I think I lean towards mid-century modern stoneware. There was this Russel Wright find and now I have another design to search for. I'll get a picture of the new piece soon.

It's a new year friends - I'm pretty excited.

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